Bunker Audit

Find out instantly how many of your contractors, vendors and suppliers are compliant with their contract insurance requirements. Then, sit back and relax while we make sure everyone becomes compliant!

Requirement Audit

Bunker has a wealth of data on requirement standards across industries. We'll let you know where you stand, and advise on future coverage requirements.

Compliance Audit

Upload your existing Certificates of Insurance to the Bunker platform, and we'll show you the compliance status of your entire workforce in as little as one day.

Centralized Storage

The Bunker platform is secure, easily accessible, and comes with unlimited storage. Store all past and future COIs in your account, and we'll follow up when renewal time comes around!

How Do You Compare?

On average, about 40% of contractors don't meet their insurance requirements. Sometimes, this is because the requirements are too high, which leads workers to cancel their coverage early. Sometimes, their coverage has expired. Oftentimes, they didn't have the correct coverage in the first place. Bunker Audits can check  the COIs you have on file to see where your existing compliance gaps are. We can also audit your requirements to make sure they're competitive for your industry. 


Of contractors, vendors, and suppliers are non-compliant at any given time.


Of contractors, vendors and suppliers' certificates of insurance expire every month

Requirement Assessment
Advisor Consultation
COI Compliance Audit (Bulk Upload)
Customized Policy Creation

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