On-Demand Insurance

Bunker’s unique insurance products were designed with leading insurance carriers to help every contractor, vendor, and supplier get the exact coverage they need for their contracts - in as little as 2 minutes. 

Custom Term Lengths

Exclusive Products

Instant Insurance

Short term policies match the length of their contracts, saving up to 75% on excess costs, with easy online renewals.

We’ve worked with insurance carriers to design tailored policies that independent professionals couldn’t access on the commercial market.

Policies can be purchased in as little as 2 minutes (rather than weeks) and shared in seconds with anyone requiring proof of insurance.

On Demand Insurance

Bunker is disrupting the insurance industry to make way for the gig economy. Our on-demand insurance instantly covers anyone and everyone who doesn’t meet their contract requirements, with pre-built policies complete with everything from coverages and limits to additional insured language. 

Our team of advisors is here to walk your vendors, contractors and suppliers through the process, ensuring that they get the right coverage, for the best price, as quickly as possible. 

Your contractors will love Bunker:

"You made Something Tragically Uncool a Way Better Buying Experience"

“My last broker refused to issue a COI for a five day gig. The broker said I’d have to pay for another year (which meant coming in to their office) before they would issue the COI. So I hopped on Bunker and got all set up easily. I don’t have to request a COI for each company and wait for a response from the broker. I can send a COI within minutes. I even did so from the airport last night while waiting on my luggage." 

- Dave, IT Consultant

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