Bunker Verified

Automatically screen every Certificate of Insurance, verify that everyone meets their contract requirements, and insure anyone who doesn't, in less than 24 hours.

Reduce Risk

Enterprise customers have

reduced contract compliance risk by 40% in three months, and saved thousands on audits.

Ongoing Monitoring

We run our automated compliance engine every day, so if any contractors cancel their coverage or let it expire, you'll be the first to know

Proactive Outreach

Bunker saves you 5-6 hours per week by reaching out to anyone with expiring or inadequate coverage, and bringing them into compliance.

The Risk Is Real

On average, about 40% of contractors don’t meet their insurance requirements, leaving your company open to liability. On top of that, about 10% of COIs expire every month. Not only is that a huge exposure for any company, it also requires hours of continual outreach to remedy. Bunker takes that process off your plate, so the mistakes of one worker won't lead to a mega loss for your company!

“When you add it all up, it’s not only about the man hours saved, it’s about the innovation and expertise that adds credibility to our solution."

Instant Compliance

Start by bulk-uploading your existing certificates of insurance, and Bunker will give you an instant compliance report. We'll also work with anyone who doesn't meet their requirements to get the coverage they need. From then on, simply send any new contractors a link to Bunker, and we'll make sure they're compliant for the duration of their contracts!

Monthly Reporting

Your monthly email digest will keep you up to date on your entire network of contractors, vendors and suppliers. 

Easily share reports with your entire team, and stay one step ahead of your risk! 

Never Miss a Beat

Bunker's Live COI allows us to monitor active policies continuously. That means we're able to track not only when a policy is expiring, but when it's cancelled as well.

Our advisors proactively reach out when coverage is expiring or cancelled, to make sure your workforce is 100% compliant. We'll also keep you in the know, with instant notifications!

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