Get every project manager, contractor, and sub-contractor on the same page - and properly covered. 

Bunker screens every COI against contract requirements, and works with anyone who doesn't have the proper coverage to become compliant before their contract starts.

Say goodbye to ACORD forms and miscommunications over requirements! 

Sound Familiar?

Key Challenges

  • It can take weeks for (sub)contractors to get a certificate of insurance that meets their requirements
  • With multiple layers of contractors and subcontractors, it's tough to keep everyone's requirements, certificates, and waivers in order. 
  • As a high-risk industry, (sub)contractors who are not properly insured lead to lawsuits
  • Fraudulent COIs are common and hard to identify
  • Manually entering and tracking insurance in a spreadsheet is time consuming and error prone
  • 10% of COIs expire every month, creating a never-ending game of catch-up

Enter Bunker


Add your unique Bunker Requirement link right into your contracts


(Sub)contractors with insurance upload their COI, and we'll automatically verify that it meets their exact insurance requirement


If they're missing something (language, coverages, etc.) our team of advisors works with them to quickly fill in the gaps, answering any and all questions they may have!


Anyone without insurance can purchase the exact policy they need online, in as little as 2 minutes.


We'll store and monitor all COIs, automatically following up at renewal time to get a fresh document on file before expiration.

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Top Services for Construction Companies:

Noncompliance Resolution

Bulk-Upload & Audit COIs

COI Screening & Verification

Automated Renewals

Insurance Advisor Team

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