Bunker Integrations

Don't want another dashboard to log in to? Send compliance information to the tools you're already using with Bunker's integrations!

Easy Integrations

Bunker has pre-built integrations with thousands of tools, from Salesforce and Google Sheets to Gmail and Slack, through Zapier!

The Bunker API

Don't miss an expiration, cancellation or compliance change. Use Bunker's API to send compliance notifications and status changes to your CRM!

Custom Integrations

Are you using a custom or homemade tool to manage your contractors, vendors and suppliers? We'll make a custom integration!

Why Integrate?

You have a thousand tabs open on your computer. Dozens of PDFs sitting on your desktop, and too many passwords to remembers. We get it. We're here to take insurance off of your plate, not add another responsibility to your day - that's why we've created integrations with all of your favorite tools and apps! We'll automatically update your records when a contractor, vendor, or supplier's compliance status changes, and notify you instantly if someone cancels their policy early. Check out some of our members' favorite integrations below!

Google Sheets

Automatically update spreadsheets when a contractor becomes compliant 

Automatically update spreadsheets when a contractor's insurance is expired or cancelled

Keep everyone on the same page without adding extra tabs to your desktop!


Automatically send an email when a contractor is compliant and ready to work

Receive instant email notifications when a contractor purchases insurance, when their policy expires, and if they cancel their policy. 

Automatically email unlimited certificates of insurance to anyone requiring them.


Receive automatic updates when a contractor is compliant and ready to work

Receive automatic updates when a contractor is no longer compliant, due to expired or cancelled insurance

Access your private Slack channel, to chat with licensed insurance advisors, your account manager, or risk specialists at any time!

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