Growing marketplaces need a protection plan that will scale with your business. Bunker's Marketplace Insurance provides affordable, usage-based coverage for you and your contingent workforce, every step of the way.  

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Gig Economy Insurance

Bunker is disrupting the insurance industry to make way for the gig economy. We've dedicated the past three years to creating one-of-a-kind insurance solutions for on-demand marketplaces. Our marketplace insurance products cover every worker, so the mistakes of one contractor won't lead to a mega-loss for your company. The premium is then passed through to each contractor, reducing the risk of misclassification and costing the marketplace absolutely nothing.

Access contracts with larger enterprise clients who require insurance.

Protect your company from lawsuits over the actions of your contractors

Pass through the cost to your workers, reducing corporate premium by up to 75%. 

Reduce the risk of misclassification and co-employment claims

“The goal was to find creative solutions to match if not exceed what the w2 worker would have. It figures that an innovative startup was the one to finally convince insurance companies to do it."


A freelance developer steals data from your enterprise client

A painter damages a priceless family heirloom in someone's house

A bike courier is injured on the job and sues for their medical costs

An on-demand bartender is accused of over serving a customer

An on-demand cleaner

leaves the floor wet, and your client slips and falls.

A freelance graphic designer is accused of plagiarism

Every policy is tailored to your business, and designed to protect your unique workforce, whether they're blue collar, white collar, or somewhere in between. Here are a few examples of what we've covered:


Pass-through insurance costs

Pass-through insurance costs

Boost Supply and Demand, with an insurance solution that benefits every link in the supply chain.

Workers Love

No up-front insurance costs

or annual commitments

Only paying when they actually work, from $0.30/hour

Getting coverage seamlessly as they sign up for talent platform account

Enterprises Love

On-demand workers that bring company wide agility

Onboarding and launching projects up to 25% faster

Trusting that their talent supply chain is 100% compliant

Marketplaces Love

Reducing corporate workers compensation costs by 75%

Saving thousands of dollars on audits

Simple monthly billing

Removing insurance as a barrier to grow any talent pool

Need Help Choosing the Right Insurance for your On-Demand Workforce?

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  • Design custom policies for your unique business
  • Work with Carriers to find the cheapest price for your workers
  • Schedule a call to discuss the best options for your marketplace

If you'd rather talk through the details, feel free to give us a call or reach out via email!

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