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The fastest way to manage AND fulfill insurance requirements. Our suite of products takes your entire supply chain through the compliance process, from start to finish. 


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Pre-build your contract insurance requirements, and share online. Every certificate of insurance will be correct on the first try, including limits and enhancement language!

Send your requirement links to contractors, vendors, and suppliers, and Bunker will insure anyone who doesn't meet their requirements in as little as two minutes!

Send every contractor, vendor and supplier to Bunker, and we'll verify that their Certificate of Insurance is valid, and matches their contract insurance requirement.

Bunker checks compliance every 24 hours, notifying you instantly if someone's coverage is expired or cancelled before the end of their contract, thanks to the Live COI

The Live COI

Bunker's Live COI takes the information you're accustomed to seeing in a PDF and turns it into a living document that's easy to read, and updates in real time!

On average, about 40% of contractors, vendors and suppliers don't have the correct coverage. Bulk upload the COIs you have on file, and we'll verify that they match your requirements!

Don't want to log into another platform? We get it! Integrate Bunker and monitor compliance from your favorite tools, like Salesforce, Google Sheets, and more!

Insurance is confusing - especially when you add terms like "additional insured." Our advisors are here to walk every contractor through the process, from start to finish! Read their reviews

Blanket policies provide pay-as-you-go coverage for gig workers, which can be inserted right into their paychecks. Reach out to see if you qualify for a blanket policy!

Occupational Accident Insurance is an equitable, gig economy replacement for workers compensation. Cover your workforce for as little as $0.30/Hour, charged only for the hours they work.

Outsource Compliance to the Experts

Bunker is the only platform that takes your contractors, vendors and suppliers all the way through the compliance process, from understanding their requirements, to sharing a compliant COI. Start your free, 30 day trial to see how simple compliance can be!

Your Contractors Will Love Bunker!


Enjoy a free, 30 day trial of the Starter or Pro Plan!


For companies who need to insure their on-demand workforce, vendors, and suppliers quickly and affordably.



For teams who need COI compliance integrated into their current processes and systems. 



For businesses who need custom integrations, high volume limits, or advanced features.



For teams who need to easily verify and fulfill insurance requirements throughout the supply chain


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