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Key Challenges

  • Manually verifying that COIs meet enterprise insurance requirements is time consuming and error prone
  • 10% of COIs expire every month, creating an endless game of catch-up, massive liability gaps, or both.
  • Without insurance expertise, it’s hard to tell when a COI meets complex requirements, let alone confidently answer a supplier's questions!
  • Excessively high insurance requirements are cost prohibitive and hard to find for independent contractors
  • Waiting weeks for insurance severely delays onboarding

Enter Bunker

Send one link, and your work is done! We'll take on 100% of the communication required to get a compliant COI on file, and follow up every year at renewal time.



Share Requirement 

Provide Insurance

Automate Renewals

Add your unique Bunker Requirement link right into your onboarding materials.

Anyone without insurance can purchase the exact policy they need online, in as little as 2 minutes.

We'll store and monitor all COIs, automatically following up at renewal time to get a fresh document on file before expiration.





Screen COI

Resolve Errors

ICs & Suppliers with insurance can upload their COI, and we'll verify that it meets their exact insurance requirement

If something is missing, our advisors work with ICs and their agents to quickly fill in the gaps, answering any and all questions they may have!

"Bunker is truly a one stop shop for insurance. I can honestly say Bunker has made my work life so much easier. You tend to forget the amount of time that is spent trying to guide vendors down the right path.

Thank you Bunker for not only taking on that task, but also increasing our Vendor & Clients' satisfaction, and optimizing our work week by 5-6 hours-a-week."

IC Onboarding Coordinator


Top Services for the Staffing Industry:

Noncompliance Resolution

Bulk-Upload & Audit COIs

COI Screening & Verification

Automated Renewals

Insurance Advisor Team

Become Your Office Expert!

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