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Smart COI screening, compliance verification and monitoring, and on-demand insurance - all in one place.

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Protecting the Enterprise,Powering the On-Demand Workforce.

Bunker is disrupting the insurance industry to make way for the on-demand economy. We've dedicated the past three years to creating one-of-a-kind insurance products and enterprise solutions. Whether you’re a gig economy platform, a Fortune 500 company leveraging contingent workers, or managing many commercial properties- Bunker ensures that your independent workforce is instantly insured and 100% compliant.


Get every business and tenant on the same page, with the exact coverage they need for every building 



Shorten placement times by 20%, and eliminate email chains over insurance requirements and PDF Certificates 

Instantly insure your entire on-demand workforce, before one contractor’s mistake causes a megaloss





Share Requirements

Smart COI Verification

Instant Insurance 

Compliance Monitoring

Create a template for the insurance requirements in your contracts, and share the link with every contractor, vendor and supplier you work with

Contractors upload proof of insurance to Bunker. We will automatically screen every COI, and verify that it meets the contract requirements.

Bunker will work with any contractors who don't meet their insurance requirements, to become compliant in as little as 24 hours. 

We will monitor expiration dates and cancelled coverage every 24 hours with the Live COI, and proactively work with contractors to remain compliant

Your Contractors willLove Bunker!

Bunker is the software extension of your compliance team!

Bunker Protect

On-demand insurance solutions

Bunker Monitor

Compliance monitoring with monthly reporting

Bunker Verified

Smart COI screening and compliance verification

Bunker Audits

Upload COIs to find your compliance gaps  

Bunker Advisors

Your advisor, risk, and implementation team

Bunker Integrations

Custom solutions created for your organization

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MBO Partners

"Bunker has created a refreshing new approach to insurance, combining a purpose-built technology solution with outstanding service and expertise for the micro business and independent contractor."

- Gene Zaino

  Founder and Executive Chairman at MBO partners

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