Key Challenges

  • Marketplaces can't scale without winning large, enterprise clients - all of which require insurance
  • Increased competition for suppliers has created greater demand for a smooth, low-cost signup process
  • Traditional insurance policies are cost prohibitive to on-demand workers 
  • If an uninsured worker makes a mistake, the lawsuit will flow upstream to the marketplace
  • Marketplaces can't directly provide insurance to on-demand workers without risking misclassification claims
  • Early-stage marketplaces can't afford on-demand (blanket) insurance for their workforce, but can't scale without it.

Enter Bunker

Cover Your Workforce

Purchase a blanket insurance policy that automatically covers each worker on an hourly basis, starting at $0.30 / hour

Easy Opt-In

Opt your workforce into the blanket coverage in your platform terms and conditions. Any contractors who wish to purchase their own policy can simply opt out and provide a COI 

Recoup Your Costs

Deduct the cost of insurance from your workers' payment schedule, based on the number of hours they were on the clock. Then, send a simple monthly payment to Bunker.

Screen COIs

If a contractor already has insurance, or wishes to purchase their own policy that will cover them on multiple platforms, Bunker will screen their COI to ensure they meet your requirements. 

Share Proof of Insurance with Clients

Enterprises will require you to prove that each worker is covered. With Bunker's Live COI, simply log in, and easily share proof of insurance for every worker on your platform, in one click.

Boost supply and demand with an insurance solution that benefits every link in the supply chain!

Marketplaces Love

Reducing corporate workers compensation costs by 75%

Saving thousands of dollars on audits

Simple monthly billing

Removing insurance as a barrier to grow any talent pool

Workers Love

No up-front insurance costs

or annual commitments

Only paying when they actually work, from $0.30/hour

Getting coverage seamlessly as they sign up for talent platform account

Enterprises Love

On-demand workers that bring company wide agility

Onboarding and launching projects up to 25% faster

Trusting that their talent supply chain is 100% compliant

Early Stage Startups

If your workforce, or your payroll, are too small to qualify for on-demand (blanket) coverage, don't worry! Bunker's Early Stage Startup program was built to scale with your business. We provide tailored programs, combining custom policies and management software, that meet your needs - and your financial capabilities - at each stage of your business.

Top Services for On-Demand Marketplaces:

Insurance Fulfillment

Occupational Accident

Live Certificates of Insurance

Blanket (Hourly) Liability Policies

COI Screening & Verification

What Does It Cover?

Every policy is tailored to your business, and designed to protect your unique workforce, whether they're blue collar, white collar, or somewhere in between. Here are a few examples of what we've covered:

An on-demand bartender is accused of over serving a customer

A freelance developer steals data from your enterprise client

A painter damages a priceless family heirloom in someone's house

An on-demand cleaner

leaves the floor wet, and your client slips and falls.

A freelance graphic designer is accused of plagiarism

A bike courier is injured on the job and sues for their medical costs

Become Your Team's Insurance Expert

Learn all of the tips and tricks for managing compliance on the Bunker Blog!

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Ready to Get Started?

Tell us a bit about yourself and your insurance headaches, and we'll reach out within 2 business days to talk through how Bunker could help your company!

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Pass-through insurance costs

Pass-through insurance costs